Laughter for what ails you



Lou Ann is a member of Just for Fun. She also does stand-up comedy.
Latest research indicates laughter may truly be the best medicine.  A good laugh has been shown to lessen pain, lower blood pressure and elevate one's mood.
So, although they have no formal medical training, the improvisational comedy troupe,
Just for Fun, has dedicated themselves to doing all they can to tickle funny bones and keep audiences in stitches.
"We may not be doctors, but we've all been to one, and I've actually played one in improv before,"  Scott Kickhaefer, director of the troupe, said. "I know for a fact laughter is good for us.  It cured my gout right up."
Improvisational comedy involves the audience in more than just the laughs.  They actively participate setting the scenes and at times even dictating the action.  Improv is currently the fastest growing genre of comedy in the world, in part thanks to the popularity of television shows like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"  But, nothing beats live improv for its spontaneity, laughs and health benefits.
Members of
Just for Fun come from varied backgrounds, none of which qualifies them for much of anything.  Kickhaefer is a former creative director and a 20-year veteran of the theatre, having directed, acted in and attended more productions than Warner Brothers.  His stage is now the classroom where he teaches English at Jardine Middle School. He has been known to bring an audience to its feet by simply saying, "The show's over."

Glynis Kickhaefer is an elementary school teacher and  publicly denies any relationship to Scott. 
Lou Ann Thomas is a writer because she's a pretty good speller and has an office supply fetish. Deb SanRomani comes off several years of touring around the country performing at Renassaince Festivals and is just happy to sleep in her own bed now and then.
Just for Fun can tailor their performance to your audience, venue or time requirements.  Book Just for Fun for your next function.
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