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Stories from a Life in Progress
Chapter 1  The World According to Babs
Whether crashing a party or waxing philosophical, Babs Spelnek often joins Lou Ann on adventures both great and small.  Join them as they find themselves "Lost in the Self-help Section" or for a friendly chat over coffee as they try to find answers, if not questions, for some of life's great mysteries.

Chapter 2  Geezer Boomers  --  Babies no More
Baby Boomers are not that comfortable with the "A" word  -- Aging.  Lou Ann offers a perspective filled with humor, insight and angst as she shares our collective journey into middle age.
Chapter 3  Those Near and Dear
Family and friends create a life that's full and fun, well most of the time.  Whether you have a father who's a sports nut, a mother who collects  --  everything, or not, you can surely relate to the warmth and love shared between members of a family, both the one we're born into and the family of friends we get to choose. 
Chapter 4  To Everything There is a Season
Whether it's her tips for remaining cool during the summer, the rituals we share around cooking on a grill, or her inherited hatred of snakes Lou Ann zeros in on every season and holiday with a razor-like wit and sense of humor.
Chapter 5  Landscapes  --  Inner and Outer
From a trip to the wholesale club to a visit to her dentist, Lou Ann offers an often twisted sense of fun to even the most every day experiences.  Come along for the ride as Lou Ann discusses, among other things, the pitfalls of Friendship Bread and how to be a better procrastinator.
Journal from the Journey 
On December 18, 1999 Lou Ann heard the diagnosis that changed her life.  That was the day she found out she had uterine cancer.  That was also the day she decided she would finally lose weight and get into shape.  This was no easy task, since Lou Ann had more than a few pounds to drop.  She was close to 200 pounds overweight and badly out of shape.

This is a brief look into her journal of the journey that now finds her 190 pounds lighter and enjoying a level of activity and good health that she could only dream about on that gray, cold day in December when she heard her doctor say, "You have cancer."
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